Reaching Out: How The Right Legal Avenues Can Help

Reaching Out: How The Right Legal Avenues Can Help

2 Scenarios in Which You Will Need the Services of a Family Lawyer

by Jessica Spencer

Matters concerning your family, particularly your nuclear family members, can be fraught with emotional ties. Not to mention that the shared history that you have with the family member also impedes your ability to solve problems objectively rather than subjectively. Thus, there is a crucial need for family law when it comes to the intervention of numerous family disputes.

While there are some situations where you may need to take your parent or sibling to court, most family law cases tend to focus on spouses. And whether you are married or not, as long as you have children with your former partner then you may need to go to family court. Here are two of the most common scenarios in which you will need the services of a family lawyer.

Dissolution of your union

Without a doubt, one of the most common reasons why couples go to family court is to file for divorce. Although a majority of people will tie the knot under the assumption they will spend the rest of their lives with their chosen partner, divorces have been on a steady rise over the years. And the complexities of divorce coupled with the emotional strain of separating from your partner can be quite overwhelming, even for the most level-headed people.

Additionally, you also have to take note of the fact that navigating the labyrinth of family law in regard to divorce matters can be quite confusing, so it is always advisable to have a family lawyer argue your case for you. Without the right representation, you could find yourself losing more than you thought you could once the case is concluded.

Determining child custody

Another common issue that will have you heading to family court is determining which parent gets custody over the child. If both you and your former spouse were highly involved in the life of the child, it is likely you will both want to spend equal time with the kid. And if you cannot come to an amicable agreement, then it will be up to the courts to determine who gets what amount of time with the child.

Child custody issues are not limited to couples that were married. Even if you had your child out of wedlock, each parent has a right to have custody over the child as long as they are not posing a threat to their wellbeing. Lastly, if your spouse already has children from a previous relationship and you adopted these kids, you have the same rights to seek custody as a biological parent would.


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Reaching Out: How The Right Legal Avenues Can Help

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