Reaching Out: How The Right Legal Avenues Can Help

Reaching Out: How The Right Legal Avenues Can Help

Top tips for handling a pro bono representation

by Jessica Spencer

In the legal industry, lawyers are looking to acquire cases that actually fill their pockets. Perhaps that's why pro bono cases seem to be diminishing. But as a criminal lawyer, pro bono cases would not only assist you in giving back to your community, but also attract more paying clients as well. With these case types, you can also lure experts and senior lawyers when working on high profile cases. So if you're looking for effective pro bono representation, here are a couple of tips you can use to make the best out of it.

Set clear boundaries

Before you set out to doing any business with your clients, first ensure that you've set clear boundaries with them. Explain yourself in details and what you're planning to do. If you're tacking a criminal case for instance, ensure your client understands exactly what is expected of them. And point out the consequences of each wrong move.

Also include a timeline and create a calendar because most pro bono cases have strict deadlines. A written agreement would be very helpful in enhancing understanding.

Seek assistance from seniors

Senior support is important in pro bono work because it enables the managers to properly understand the work that the solicitors are doing. Ask a senior partner to be the face of the pro bono work. That way, their support will boost the value of your work and ensure that your time is properly spent.

Additionally, the senior partners will point you in the right direction. For instance, the best areas to research on and obtain information. Starting your research from scratch can really use up a lot of your time.

Pro bono clinics

If you have a firm and intend on developing a pro bono program, then you need to know how you can find the kind of work that lawyers can properly handle even in their busy schedules. One effective way of pulling this off is by erecting pro bono clinics in the firm. Having the clinic directly in the firm makes it possible for lawyers to easily pick out the best cases that they are interested in and handle them.

This goes hand in hand with knowing the kind of issues that your staff is interested in. You can take surveys and listen to your solicitors so as to heighten the level of enthusiasm in the firm.

Tackling and overseeing pro bono cases can be challenging, but it also has its share of rewards. You are also going to greatly impact a client's life and that can be very satisfying.


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Reaching Out: How The Right Legal Avenues Can Help

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